Traditional Louisiana Cane Syrup
is back in season. Get it quick.

Now available   ( $11.00/ 8 oz bottle)

Now available ( $11.00/ 8 oz bottle)


Our family's delicious tradition.
Available for a limited time. 


"Charles’ cane syrup is dark, delicious, sensual, and superb. It’s like the best traditional brown sugar made into a swirling, thick, sensuous elixir. If we were back in the Middle Ages, I’m pretty sure someone would be recommending this stuff as a cure for pretty much anything that ails you."   —Ari Weinzweig, Zingerman's Fine Food  

"Poirier’s loyal and growing following—chefs, food bloggers, and people lucky enough to have had a taste—swear by the amber-colored syrup’s earthy, caramel-like sweetness. "
—Garden & Gun magazine

"This coveted ingredient is Poirier’s Pure Cane Syrup, and it has lately been trickling into the culinary arsenal of well-known New Orleans chefs. The amber-hued delicacy is produced by Charles Poirier, following the same method used by his great-great-grandfather, Anatole Poirier (1873-1941). "  —The New Orleans Advocate


CLICK IMAGES to see the cook down process (photos courtesy Denny Culbert)