2017-18 Season: Between batches
(New release December 6) 

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Our family's delicious tradition.
Available for a limited time. 


BATCH UPDATE: Currently SOLD OUT of our first couple batches, but website sales will return on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 6 for holiday giving. Sorry for any inconvenience, but rest assured we're cooking as fast as we can. 

"Charles’ cane syrup is dark, delicious, sensual, and superb. It’s like the best traditional brown sugar made into a swirling, thick, sensuous elixir. If we were back in the Middle Ages, I’m pretty sure someone would be recommending this stuff as a cure for pretty much anything that ails you."   —Ari Weinzweig, Zingerman's Fine Food  

"Poirier’s loyal and growing following—chefs, food bloggers, and people lucky enough to have had a taste—swear by the amber-colored syrup’s earthy, caramel-like sweetness. "
—Garden & Gun magazine

"This coveted ingredient is Poirier’s Pure Cane Syrup, and it has lately been trickling into the culinary arsenal of well-known New Orleans chefs. The amber-hued delicacy is produced by Charles Poirier, following the same method used by his great-great-grandfather, Anatole Poirier (1873-1941). "  —The New Orleans Advocate


CLICK IMAGES to see the cook down process (photos courtesy Denny Culbert)